Would You Like to Weigh Less Next Year?

If your weight is more than you would like it to be, here is an action plan to help you shed unwanted pounds.

You basically have two choices:

  1. Eat better
  2. Exercise more

Most people already know that.  Some have already started a strict diet and maybe even enrolled in a gym to get that exercise.  Maybe they have purchased new exercise equipment.  Later they can use that equipment as a drying rack for their clothes (just kidding),

As you saw in the previous post, drastic changes in behavior are not likely to persist.  After a while on a strict diet, your body literally DEMANDS that you break it. So here is a strategy that allows you at least the possibility to implement a new eating plan:

  1.  Decide that this is not going to be an instant fix.  Imagine yourself gradually assuming the body shape/weight that you desire.  See it in your mind as a time-lapse photography.
  2. Weigh yourself now.  Do it and come back.  Is that more or less or the same as you weighed a week ago?  If you don’t know, weigh yourself again in one week and note the change.  The rest of this discussion assumes you have not been constantly gaining weight, but you have not been losing weight, either.
  3. Decide what ONE item in your diet you will change.  Maybe you want to completely eliminate desserts and empty carbohydrates.  That will be too big, so break it down a little.  Let’s say desserts.
  4. Determine the amount of dessert you currently eat at each meal.  Let’s say you have three scoops of ice cream after dinner.  The rest of the day you nibble on cookies or candy bars.
  5. Locate the LARGEST dessert pattern.  Don’t change the rest.  Cut the largest down by 10-20 percent.  In our example, you would choose to have three smaller scoops of ice cream or maybe only two scoops.
  6. Maintain this for one week before implementing another change.  The temptation here is to decide that you can just eliminate the ice cream altogether.  Maybe you can, but most people will find that as the days go by the craving for ice cream grows.  By not completely eliminating the ice cream, you develop a new normal portion size.
  7. The consistent application of this little discipline compounded over time will produce a small change in your eating habits, which will eventually bring you your desired goal of eliminating desserts.

The above is easy to do and will not trigger a rebellion in your body.  It will also not instantly remove thirty pounds.  In fact, you might not lose any weight at all that first week.  One pound of body fat equates to roughly 3,500 calories.

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