What about Leverage?

We spoke earlier about being paid on the efforts of employees. That is one form of leverage, but it has some drawbacks. Aside from the difficulty in finding employees willing to work for what you are willing to pay them, there is administrative overhead. Many employees will not work as hard as you would because they don’t have the same stake in the profitability that you do. So maybe each employee adds what you could accomplish in six hours in an eight hour day (you have to train them and that takes some of your time). And when they get good at what they are doing, they may move on to another business.
To obtain true leverage, everybody needs to have the same amount to gain. That is where network marketing comes in.
You have the option to build a network of business builders and go to work with them to help them make money. The more money you help them earn, the more money you earn. Each person is in business for themselves, but not by themselves. For more information on network marketing, go to worldslaziestnetworker.com. You could also read the book by Robert Kiyosaki, The Business of the 21st Century.
More next time.

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