What About a Little Exercise?

We are going to shift gears here for a moment and address the other side of the weight loss equation: move more.

Again, we do not want to make a huge change, so we will coax our subconscious into small changes.

Maybe you would like to be able to do 50 pushups by the end of the year (maybe you already can, so skip to the next one). Here’s what to do:

Week One

  1. On day one do one pushup at some time during the day
    • Start on your hands and knees (on a rug or mat to keep things relatively comfortable)
    • Lower your chest to the floor by bending your arms.
    • Extend your arms to raise yourself back up.
  2. The next day do another one in the same manner at the same time.
  3. Repeat for one more day
  4. On the fourth day, try to support yourself on only your hands and feet with your body as straight as possible.
  5. On the fifth day, try to lower your chest to the floor and back up while keeping your back relatively straight. If you can, you are ready for week two.

Week Two

  1. On day one, do one pushup with your body as straight as possible
  2. On day two, do the same.
  3. On day three, do two pushups. NOTE: If you cannot do two consecutive pushups, do one, rest, do another one.
  4. On day four, do two pushups. Rest. Do one more.
  5. On day five, repeat day four.

Week Three

  1. Day one: Two pushups, rest, one more.
  2. Day two: Two pushups. Rest. Two more. NOTE: If you cannot do two consecutive pushups the second time, do one, rest, do another one.
  3. Day three: Repeat Day two.
  4. Day four: Three pushups. Rest. Two more.
  5. Day five: Repeat Day four.

Week Four through Thirteen

By now you should see the pattern. Add a little bit each time to what you do. Try to do the following by the end of each week:

Week First Set Second Set
4 3 3
5 4 3
6 5 3
7 5 4
8 5 5
9 6 5
10 7 5
11 8 5
12 9 5
13 10 5

You see how to gradually increase the repetitions so that your body is used to them. At your own pace, increase to where you can do 10 pushups, rest and 10 more.  Once you are comfortable at that, do 10, rest, 10 more, and work up to five in the third set.  Then 15/10/5.  Then 15/15/5.  Then 20/15/5.  Then 20/15/10.  Then 25/15/10 and you are at fifty.  Remember to only add one repetition in one set each week.

Next:  Walking.

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