Week Three of the MKMMA Journey

One thing about this journey – you learn a lot about yourself.
I visited a few of the other blogs and made some comments and started following them. Most were more eloquent than mine and maybe more on point. Some had the same struggles as I do.
My subconscious is now accepting the new blueprint, but it was a battle at first. The subby is pretty persistent. That’s a good thing because now I form good habits and am their slave.
At first I had to convince my rational mind that there was, in fact, enough time to do everything. If you are having to do the same, let’s look at this:
A week has 168 hours (24 x 7). How much time is consumed by the MKMMA course? Let’s assume you can read 200 words per minute and speak 100 words per minute. Some people can do much better, but this is a conservative estimate.
If the DMP is 400 words, then reading it three times a day will take 12-15 minutes. Rewriting it may take another hour. So DMP takes 7*15 = 105 minutes reading + 60 minutes writing for the week.  Total of 165 minutes on the DMP.
The Blueprint Builder contains 336 words (including I promise and I always keep my promises), so reading it out loud once a day should take 3-4 minutes. Say 25 minutes in a week.
The workbook content varies, but Lesson three contains 2,401 words. That would be a little over 12 minutes a day or 85 minutes a week (rounding).
The Greatest Salesman also varies, but let’s say 3,000 words on average. Silent reading should take 15 minutes tops and out loud should take 30 minutes tops. So that is an hour a day or seven hours in a week.
Then we sit for 15 minutes a day or 105 minutes a week.
So far we have 165 + 25 + 85 + 105 = 380 minutes = 6.3 hours + 7 hours = 13.3 hours. Add two webinars at an hour and a half each and we are at about 17 hours for the week. Assuming you have a full time job, let’s allot 10 hours a day for work, commute and lunch. That brings us to 67 hours. Assuming you sleep 8 hours a night, that brings us to 123 hours. If you eat two other meals a day, let’s add another 14 hours and we are at 137 hours.  A date night with family members brings us to 142 hours.  Two hours a night for your network marketing business brings us to 154-156 hours.  That leaves 12-14 hours for company conference calls or meetings or other stuff like blogging, tweeting, and following.

So, since there is enough time in the week, the challenge becomes to schedule the activities.  In fact, plan to take an hour to two to actually commit the plan to writing.  It can be done.  Do you that is why Mark is so big on OATS?

You might notice there was no time for watching TV.  Now we know what to sacrifice.  Once upon a time, I had the attitude that life was not a spectator sport.  Time to revitalize that.

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