Week 7 MKMMA Adventure

With all the things I need to carry in my pocket (compass, spyglass, miniature dream board, etc.) it looks as though I need a new wardrobe.  None of my usual shirts have any pockets.  Of course, I could carry them in my pants pocket, but everything in there tends to wind up as a ball.  Was that an opinion or fact?  Hmm.  Was it negative or simply the objective truth?  Hmm.

At any rate, I will find a way.

Well, this mental diet thing is really working out.  I made it all the way to 10 AM on the first day (Monday –  I read the notes on Sunday night and knew what was coming)  before I had to reset.  That might not sound so good, but compared to the first time, it was excellent.  I think the progressive exercises made it that much easier.  As I write this (Wednesday at 10 PM),  I am halfway through day One of the diet (again).  Since I am going to bed now, I am pretty confident that I will make it the full day – or at least most of it.  But that’s just my opinion.  Oops!

I guess the Diet allows for opinions as long as they are good.  Anyway, my imaginary friend said it would be fine.

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