Week 19 MKMMA – Fear not

Haanel’s theme this week is fear and power. Last week I posted a video which was an excerpt from After Earth – the fear speech. In that will Smith’s character says fear is not real; it is a product of your thoughts. Haanel would say there is no principle of fear only of faith. You may disagree, claiming there is a principle of fear. No, what we think of as fear is simply faith that something bad will happen. There is a principle of faith.
Again, from will Smith’s character in After Earth, danger is real but fear is a choice. You can choose to believe that you will overcome the danger, or that you will succumb to the danger. Your emotions will follow what you believe to be true.

Perhaps it is worth pointing out that when I say “believe to be true”, I do not mean simply an opinion. I mean something that you believe with your entire being. You will recall that Jesus said, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” He also said, “if you believe that those things which you say will come to pass, you will have what so ever you say.” When you believe something so strongly that you say it as a matter of fact, it will indeed come to pass. Depending on the intensity of your emotion, it might come to pass today, next week, next year, or further down the road. Rest assured, though, it will come to pass. You will recall that Job said, “the thing I have greatly feared has come upon me.”

This reinforces Haanel’s point that fear is a powerful thought.  When we reflect on the number of times we are told to “Fear Not” in the Bible, we must wonder at the importance God places on controlling fear.  You have probably seen this acronym:


This week we were to concentrate on the truth that sets us free: We are connected to the Infinite, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Eternal Source.  We have the privilege to think about the power to which we have access.  We live the metaphor with our spyglass.  What we feed grows.  We are nature’s greatest miracle and we have the power to choose love over fear everyday.  Peace be the journey.

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