Week 17 MKMMA – Review and Hero’s Journey

This week is week 18 in our Master Key Mastermind Experience. This is a week for reflection. Instead of going to lesson 18, we are reviewing lessons nine and ten, plus any others that we would like. We are also to review Emerson’s dissertation on compensation. It is a good chance to review where we have come from and where we are now.
In the foreword to the Master Key System we find the following statements:

This law as well as every other law is no respecter of persons, but is in constant operation and is relentlessly bringing to each individual exactly what he has created; in other words, “whatsoever a man so what that shall he also reap.”

. . .

Mental power is creative power, it gives you the ability to create for yourself; it does not mean the ability to take something away from someone else. Nature never does things that way. Nature makes two blades of grass grow where one grew before, and mind power enables men to do the same thing.

Haanel asserts “the most powerful forces of man or his invisible forces, his spiritual force, and the only way in which the spiritual force can manifests through the process of thinking”. So we in this course have been learning how to think. Haanel also states an astonishing fact and I’m not sure how he knew it: “Every thought brings into action certain physical tissue, parts of the brain, nerve or muscle. This produces an actual physical change in the construction of the tissue”

Haanel talks about the world within which controls the world without. He asserts that the world within is governed by mind. So what we have learned to do is first of all to sit absolutely still for from 15 minutes to half an hour during that first exercise. Next we added to the sit the silencing of all the voices in our head the quieting of thought. We found in week two section 20, the subconscious mind never sleeps, never rests, anymore than does your heart, or your blood. Because of that, silencing the mind was a really really difficult task. Our exercises were progressive, first controlling the body, then controlling the mind, then impressing the desired thoughts on the subconscious. As part of our practical exercises, we learned to keep the body still to keep the mind still and to physically relax. Haanel later refers to part of this process as the Sit or the Silence.

We learned to let go of negative thoughts: hatred, anger, worry, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble or disappointment of any kind. Once we were completely relaxed in mind and body and free of negative influences then we could begin to use our imagination to create. First we learn to create a pleasant image of a place that had pleasant associations next we practiced keeping a photograph constant in our mind seeing concentrating on it. Next we visualize the conversation with a friend. Next we deconstructed the battleship. Next we grew a flower. All of these exercises sound simple and perhaps they are, but for me they were not easy. I found that I imagine things in black and white, not color. I could not draw in my mind a shape on the wall. I am still working on that one. I could however make my affirmations of being whole perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. I could also meditate on the Scriptures which reinforced what we had been learning.

At the same time, we have been reading one scroll a month from The Greatest Salesman in the World.  So far we have learned that we can form good habits and become their slave (reprogram the subconscious), we can greet the day with love and succeed, we can persist and win, and we are nature’s greatest miracle.

Looking forward to the rest of the Hero’s Journey.


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