Pyramid Schemes are Illegal

If your company is publicly traded (NASDAQ or higher), it is NOT a pyramid.

If your company provides a genuine product or service that people like and use, it is NOT a pyramid.

By the way, the shape of the organizational chart does not determine what is or is not a “Pyramid Scheme”.

Consider the organizational chart of any traditional business.

Corporate Pyramid

In this model, the man (or woman) at the top makes money off the efforts of those below.  That is right because of the vision of the person who started the business.

In your network marketing business, you are the person at the top and you provide opportunity for each of your partners to be the person at the top of their own company.  Everyone has the same opportunity.  The only difference between the corporate model and the network marketing model is that there are fewer restrictions on people moving up in your network marketing business.  You succeed when your people succeed.  The more people you train to do what you do, the more your income and everyone benefits. In the corporate world, when you train someone to do your job, you might lose your job to that person.

Some people complain that the people who get in first have the best opportunity.  Let’s examine that.  If you buy a home,live in it for a while and then sell it, would you want to make money or lose money on the deal?  If you said you wanted to make money, you are making the money off the person who came after you.  Is that a good or bad thing?

The old stock market average is to “buy low and sell high”.  If you do that are you not making money off the people who came after you?

In network marketing, everybody has the same opportunity to expand their business.  Some will and some won’t.  Some will rise to the top of the income plan and some won’t.  But guess what?  Some athletes will be able to become professionals and some won’t.  Some musicians will become stars and some won’t.  In any endeavor, some will achieve greatness and some won’t.  It is no different in network marketing.  The big difference is that the opportunities in network marketing are not dependent on natural ability.  Anybody can learn the skills.  Some will and some won’t..

Make the decision that you will.  Plug into your company’s training and find out what the people who are making it happen are doing that you are not.  No one is born with communications ability.  It is a learned skill.  You can do it.






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