Top Tricks to Shed Pounds

Tricks Deserve a One Week Trial

For anything to really influence your life, it must become a habit. Only habits can replace other habits because of the Law of Growth, which states that whatever you think about grows. That is, thoughts become things. If you want to succeed at dropping unwanted pounds, take one of the following tips and try it consistently for one week. Then add another.  Remember that small steps repeated will take you where you want to go.

Trick #1 - Control What You Say.

This might be the single most important step, as evidenced by the book title: The Fat is in Your Head. Of course, what you say is largely controlled by what you believe, which stems from what you think. Jesus said that the truth that you know will make you free. So, here is the truth: Your subconscious mind controls you, but you can program the subconscious with your conscious mind. Actually, the truth is you are already programming your subconscious by what you allow into your thoughts.  Observe your thoughts and correct them. Don't say things like "I'm fat" or "I need to lose x pounds" or "I'll always be overweight". Whatever you approve into the subconscious, it accepts as a demand and works 24/7/365 to manifest that demand. Instead say what you want. Say "I'm glad to weigh x pounds" (whatever your goal is). Step on the scales and close your eyes and see the dial showing that weight. Whenever you think about your weight, think "I easily manage my weight at a constant x pounds" (again, your goal). This is not easy, but if you make the effort, you will succeed in planting the demand in your subconscious (which I will call Subby),

Trick #2- Don't Eat Late.

Several studies on weight management have pinpointed the effect of meal timing on your weight.  This is not to say that calories don't matter at all, but that there is an even more important variable: when you consume those calories. As it turns out, people eating the same calories but at different times of the day had different results. Those whose calories were consumed early in the day lost weight, while those consuming calories late in the day gained weight. Try this: eat nothing after 8pm for one week and notice what happens.

Trick #3 - Eat a Good Breakfast.

By a good breakfast, I mean one with protein, a little fat and good carbs. Eggs are good for you, whether the whole egg or the egg whites. Some people recommend oats and fruit. If you have just simple carbohydrates, you will be hungry in a few short hours. If you have good protein, you will feel satisfied longer. Research shows that healthy fats will also prolong the satiated feeling. You could make a fruit smoothie with a high quality protein powder if you prefer to drink your breakfast.

Trick #4 - Move

Gentle exercise will help you feel better through the day. It can be as simple as a walk around the block, or dancing in place. It also helps metabolize the meal. Swing your arms when you walk to increase the effect.

Trick #5 - Chew Your Food Thoroughly

The act of chewing releases enzymes in your mouth which begin the digestive process. Plus, chewing thoroughly gives your body time to have the stomach signal the brain that you have had enough. Have you ever wolfed down a meal only later to realize that you ate way too much? Chewing your food thoroughly will help prevent that.

Trick #6 - Use Smaller Plates

I know this seems too simple, but there is research behind it. When you see a plate that appears overflowing, you see it as more food than if the same amount were served on a platter. You don't need to read the research.  Prove it to yourself. When you get ready to eat, use two different size plates and put the same amount of food in each (Do them one at a time if you eat alone. Put what looks like a lot of food on the smaller plate and look at it. Then transfer that food to the larger plate.).. Convince yourself by taking a photograph of each plate with food on it and then note the difference.

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