Thinking Forward

A few posts back I mentioned a mental diet.  Actually it was in a comment to a post.

Here’s what I meant.  Your life is controlled by what you believe.  Want proof?  Imagine you are walking down the street.  You see a group of youths approaching you.  If you believe they might be friendly, you smile and greet them.  If on the other hand, you believe they mean to harm you, your heart races and you look for ways to escape.  If you believe you will fail at an endeavor,you won’t even try.  You will find an excuse to avoid it completely.  If you believe you will succeed, you will give it your best shot.  You might still fail.  Believing doesn’t necessarily make it so.  The point is not that your belief controls the outcome – your belief only controls your actions.

Here’s the cycle of life:  Your thoughts form your beliefs.  Your beliefs form your actions.  Your actions affect your situation.  Positive thoughts and beliefs lead to positive behavior.  In the long run, positive behavior tends to produce positive results.  The operative word here is tends. That means you will have positive outcomes more often than not.  It doesn’t mean the outcomes will always be positive, but your responses to them should be.

So, then, about this mental diet. We want to control our thoughts and keep them positive.  When tempted to voice a negative, critical, or derogatory opinion about anybody or anything, but especially about ourselves – don’t do it.  You can’t (yet) keep the thoughts from popping into your head, but you have a choice between the stimulus and your response. You will be training your mind by controlling the thoughts you allow to come out of your mouth. Or as someone else has said, “You can’t keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.”

Try this until you can successfully go one day without voicing negativity: when a negative thought comes, reject it by not saying it.  Try saying the opposite.  If the thought comes that you are lazy, say “i am purposeful and motivated.”  That is actually a Biblical notion.

“Let the weak say ‘I am strong.’ ”

Look it up.

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