Think about connections

Many of us have Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

We send email.

We blog.

But how often do we sit down and talk with people?  Face to face, eyeball to eyeball, kneecap to kneecap, that is.

Sometimes we post comments on a blog (please do so here.), but that is not nearly interactive because of the potential time lag between comment (or blog entry) and response.  Just yesterday I was sitting in a dentist’s waiting room.  There were eight other people in the room and three people behind the counter.  None of us interacted.

Well, that isn’t quite true.  A mother and her two sons were talking with each other.  So were  a husband and wife.  She was reading one-liners from Reader’s Digest to her husband and they were sharing about those.

What I mean is that all of us who started out as strangers remained strangers.  My inner voice was saying to me that I should strike up a conversation, but I told it I did not know who to approach.  We were all seated in separate sections of the waiting room.  I would have felt weird getting up and deliberately moving next to one of the groups.

We are insular people, I guess.  So that is my next project – connect with people.

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