Network Marketing Fundamentals

The business of any business is making people’s lives better.

To the degree that you can achieve that, is the degree of better that your own life becomes.

So, here are some fundamentals as I understand them.

If you own any other business and train someone to do what you are doing, you just created a competitor who will become an adversary in the marketplace.

If you have your own network marketing business and train someone to do what you are doing, you have leveraged your time by creating a colleague.  The more you help that person earn, the more you will also earn.  You have created synergy.  The more you and your apprentice help others to do the same thing, the greater the synergy.

Here’s what I mean by leveraging your time:  The most you could possibly work is 24 hours each day.  It would not take long for you to burn out, but that is the upper limit of time that you could put into your business.  If you currently have a job,you probably put about ten hours a day on that job (includes commute, lunch and an eight hour work day).  You probably sleep some, let’s say eight hours.  That leaves you six hours a day for hygiene, breakfast and dinner, relaxation and working on your fortune.  A realistic estimate of what you could put into developing your fortune would be about two hours each day, possibly more on Saturday.  So for discussion purposes, let’s assume you can devote 10-15 hours each week to building your fortune.

In network marketing, you recruit a team of like-minded individuals who want to build their fortune along with you.  Your royalty income is based on the total business that you and your colleagues generate.  Watch the progression.

You alone can devote 10-15 hours each week to building a fortune.

You and your first business partner can devote 20-30 hours each week.

You and your second business partner plus your first business partner and his or her first business partner can devote 40-60 hours each week.  If each of you find another business partner, there will be 80-120 hours each week going into the fortune.

How would this work?  Let’s say you have the skill to recruit a business partner, but that person does not.  You would simply work with that person to find a partner for them.  Then you and your partner would work with the new person to find and launch another business partner.  The time you spend training your partner to do what you do will be multiplied back to you.  Then you would repeat the process as long as it takes for your partner and his or her partners to become profitable.



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