Network Marketing and the Warm Market

Network marketing is a product of the share age

in the share age, we share ideas, concepts, products, and opportunities with people we know and love. Most training systems in network marketing urge you to contact your warm market first. Your warm market are people who recognize your name. Internet marketing gurus, wanting to sell you on their lead generation system, say that that’s silly and a waste of time and would ruin your relationships with your friends.

This is somewhat amazing to me. I assume here that the network marketing company with which you are aligned has products that actually help people. If that’s the case, why would you not want to share with your warm market? If you use and like the product, and you don’t share with your warm market, I submit you’re being selfish. If the product is actually not any good, then why would you want to sell it?

The same reasoning applies to the opportunity. If it is a genuine opportunity where people can actually make money, why would you keep that hidden from your friends? And again, if the opportunity isn’t any good, why did you sign up?

The reality is that some people will act upon your recommendations for the product and some won’t. You need to be okay with that. Your responsibility to your warm market is to inform them that you have started a new business. Ask them if they would like to know more. The reality is some will, some won’t. Your business opportunity should not affect your relationships unless you make it do so. If you want business partners, ask them if they are open to money-making opportunities. Again, some will be and some won’t be. And that’s okay.

To build a business, you are looking for people who want an actual opportunity. Some people in your warm market will be looking for an opportunity; others will know people who are looking for an opportunity. Your business, in fact any business, exists to improve people’s lives. You’re looking for people with whom you would enjoy working.

People who might not be interested in the business opportunity might still like to purchase the products from you, assuming the products are worth what they would pay for it. The acid test here is would you buy the product yourself if you were not distributing it? If so freely share the information with your warm market. If not, find another opportunity.


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