Network Marketing and the Sales Mindset

In network marketing, customers buy products or services. Distributors could be said to sell the same products or services. So certainly in one sense, sales is part of network marketing. The distinction comes when we consider what most people mean by the word “sell”. The most common definition is to persuade or induce someone to buy something. Often unspoken is the final part of that sentence: “that they don’t want to buy”. That kind of sales has no place in network marketing. The original meaning for sales was to find out what people want and help them get it. That is the selling involved in network marketing.

The kind of sales where you induce someone to buy something they don’t want does not lead to a favorable relationship. The best definition of a network is people who are connected to each other. So network marketing involves establishing connections with people, discovering what it is they want, and helping them achieve that. A person wants better health, and your company has top-of-the-line healthcare products. We have a match. What if your company provides cell coverage or Internet access? That does not match the healthcare desire and so there’s no match. But you probably know someone who does market cell phones and long-distance calling services and Internet. You enhance the relationship with both people by connecting them together. You are a connector.

In the first definition of sales, there is the idea of “closing the sale”. It is transaction based; once the sale is over we move on.

In network marketing, we want to “open the relationship”. Long-term success in network marketing depends on happy distributors and satisfied customers who purchase over and over and over again. Zig Ziglar always said if you help enough other people get what they want, you will have everything you want.

Network marketing attracts people looking for time freedom and financial freedom. It attracts people who are freedom oriented. Because of that, we believe in freedom of choice. The network marketing model is one of education. We give people information about our opportunities and our products, and we attempt to establish relationships.   We allow people to make their own decisions, that is to “own” their decision. A successful network marketing business has many people who genuinely want to do what they’re doing. It becomes a lifestyle.

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