Network Marketing and the Lottery Midset

Network marketing is unlike any other business model. It requires a new paradigm in your thinking. When you begin a network marketing business, you are not an employee, but neither have you bought a lottery ticket.

In a lottery only a handful of people win the big prize and everybody else buys a losing ticket. In network marketing, everybody can win. Success does not depend upon the luck of the draw, the planets being rightly aligned, or some magic wand being waved over your business. Success is predictable. The beautiful thing about network marketing is that it does not discriminate against gender, age, social status, or any other possible limiting factor. Network marketing involves gathering customers for your products and other customer gatherers to expand your business. Network marketing is a franchise business without the huge initial outlay. Network marketing is, however, work. It takes time to establish your network. The products will flow through your network.

“If anyone tells you” join my network marketing company and you will be rich overnight,” run away do not walk. Depending on the network marketing company with which you align, you will find many things in your starter kit. There may be products, marketing materials, instruction manuals, perhaps a website for you. Those are all wonderful things. Notice what is not in the kit: customers and business partners. You must use your skills to find those people. You may encounter difficulties, you probably will, but if you persist past the difficulties and work towards your vision, you will achieve your dreams. If you help enough other people get what they want, you will have everything you could possibly want.

Plan on investing 3 to 5 years working your business to achieve job dropping income. That may seem quick to some and slow to others, but if you put in the time and do the work you will find that you are the luck and the magic.

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