Network Marketing 101 – Recognizing an Opportunity

How do you recognize a good opportunity? Is it based on the product? How about the compensation plan? Or maybe it is the company. Together these three are usually referred to as PPC or product, plan, company. Some people say that PPC is not important. I beg to differ.
Let’s talk about the product. Just suppose there was a magic pill that would erase years of aging from your life. You are 60 years old, you swallow this pill, and you are instantly 20 years old. Wow! Would that not be an amazing opportunity? Surely this product would be super important.
Suppose however that nobody would pay you to distribute this product. Would you sign up for that opportunity? Maybe you would if you were feeling particularly altruistic. But if you are looking for a way to gain financial and time freedom, this would probably not be your choice. So maybe the compensation plan is important after all.
Suppose you are promised a fantastic compensation plan. They say you can get 100% commissions all the time. (You probably know deep down that that is an impossible claim. No scratch that. You think that might be an impossible claim, but you hope it is not.) So you sign up. And three months later the company is out of business. So maybe the company is important also.
So now imagine that you have found a company of impeccable integrity, a compensation plan that is accurate and viable, and a product that is simply amazing. For our purposes, let’s call that the magic product. All right, then. We are good to go. You sign up and then you notice that every car that passes you on the highway has a sticker saying “I sell the magic product”. As you drive through every neighborhood in your town, you notice a sign on every lawn that says “I sell the magic product”. Well maybe timing has something to do with the opportunity.
Ask yourself this: if you knew in 1984 how big Microsoft would become in 2014, would you have invested $1000 with Bill Gates? Would you expect the same return if you invested $1000 today?
So far, we have discussed product, plan, company, and timing. Which would you say is most important?
One more factor that is important: what is the corporate culture with the other distributors? Will people assist you just because you’re a distributor with the company or do you need to be in THEIR line? Will there be the opportunity for hands-on training? Is there a duplicatable system and process in place?

So let’s review
Timing is crucial. You want to be first to market with the products. You would like to have exclusive distributorship.
The company management has to be moral and have integrity.
The compensation plan has to be reasonable.
The product has to be something you feel good about distributing.
Next I will discuss one such company plan and product with great timing.

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