Negative Nora Criticizes Network Marketing

Observant Oscar here. I recently overheard an exchange between two people, to whom I will refer as Negative Nora and Positive Patti. Nora, it seems has some very strongly held and negative attitudes towards Network Marketing in general and Positive Patti’s company in particular, to which I will refer as 5XH because their flagship product is a combination of five herbal ingredients. So, if you know the players, here’s how it went down:

Negative Nora: You are involved in an evil pyramid scheme.

Network Marketing Abstract

Positive Patti: I’m just curious, Nora, would you mind sharing with me how you formed that opinion?

Nora:  You just make money off of other people.

Patti: You are absolutely right about that.

Nora: What?

Patti: I said you are exactly right about me earning money off of other people. Would it be okay if I asked you a question?

Nora: I guess so.

Patti: Who do you know that doesn’t earn money off of other people?

Nora: What?

Patti: Well, you seem strongly opposed to me earning money from other people, so I thought you must know people that earn money a different way. How else do the people you know earn money?

Nora: Well, er, let me think. Ralph works at the Post Office. He doesn’t earn money off of other people.

Patti:  What does Ralph do to earn money? From where does his money come?

Nora: He sorts mail coming into town and leaving town. He puts the mail to be delivered into bags for the delivery person. He gets his mooney straight from the Post Office.

Patti: Have you thought about where the Post Office gets the money to pay Ralph?

Nora: Well I guess from the sale of stamps.

Patti: And who buys these stamps?

Nora: You want me to say “other people”, don’t you?

Patti: Only if it’s true. Who else do you know and where do they get their money?

Nora: Well there’s Sam who works for the government.

government building

Patti: And who pays Sam?

Nora: He gets paid out of the general operating fund for the city.

Patti: Have you thought about how the money gets into the general operating fund?

Nora: Everybody knows it is from the sales taxes from the local businesses. Oh, wait. You are going to try and say that money comes from other people, too, aren’t you?

Patti: Does it come from anywhere else?

Nora: Well, no. I guess everybody actually earns money from someone else even if it is indirectly.

Well, there you have it. They had more to say and I’ll cover that later. Do you agree with their conclusion? Leave a comment and a suggestion of a way of earning money that does not include other people.


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