MKMMA Week 7 – My Friend

This week, we are enjoying our seven-day mental diet. We are also having a conversation with a friend. Let me explain what I see in my imagination:

I am seated in The Egg and I, a local restaurant. My friend comes through the door. He moves with feline grace. His eyes are radiant and he smiles at everyone he encounters. He treats each person as if for the one moment he’s talking with them they are the only person in the entire world. Each person seems to relax visibly as he approaches them. This person carries a presence of peace and tranquility and love with him. He is generous with his praise, and his money.

He joins me at my table and I feel an instant warmth. We have a lively discussion about his experiences with our network marketing company. He encourages me that I can in fact get there. He tells me that the secret to his success is seeing the divine spark in every person. Each person, he says, is worthy of grace and love and abundance.

He tells me that many people have said no to his business opportunity, and have gone on to become close friends. Once he exposes the business, he does not bring it up again. He is genuinely concerned about other people achieving their dreams and goals. If not with his business, then he attempts to help them any way he can. The secret he says is to be unattached to the results. He says on our job is not to make people feel bad, but to help them feel better. If they are happy in their life and their vocation, bless them pray for them keep them close and move on. Our job he says is simply to tell people of the choices they have available. Some will want to change their financial futures with the business opportunity. Some more want to change their health with our products. Some do not want to change at all. It’s all good.

He is completely relaxed as he speaks with the owners, the servers, the customers, pretty much anybody. He encourages me to get in touch with my inner guide. He pays for the meal, blesses everybody on the way out and departs. I am blessed to know him. I desperately want to be like him when I grow up. That’s because my friend is my future self. One day, I will be him.

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