MKMMA Week 13 – One with the Father

I don’t know about anyone else. I find that the scroll I am reading does not match me. My old blueprint rebels at several points.

At Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid

At Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid

In the Orient young bulls are tested in the fight arena in a certain manner. Each is allowed to attack a picador who pricks them with a lance. The bravery of each bull is then rated with care according to the number of times he demonstrates his willingness to charge in spite of the sting of the blade.

BullfightingAnd what is the reward for his persistence? He enters the arena where a matador will kill him. Is that what I want? No.  I want a different reward for my bravery. Ok, though, let’s note that life tests us in like manner and the end of our journey is physical death.   There is an old saying that a coward dies a thousand time and a brave man only once. The question then is “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:55)  We win even then.

When each day is ended, not regarding whether it has been a success or failure, I attempt to achieve one more sale. When my thoughts beckon my tired body homeward, I resist the temptation to depart. I try again. I make one more attempt to close with victory, and if that fails I make another.

brainHaving lived for 72 years, I don’t want to ignore my tired body. Then I remember scroll one that says my words will eventually seep into that mysterious source which never sleeps and causes me to act in ways I do not comprehend. I also remember the blueprint builder that says I will devote thirty minutes daily to thinking of the person I intend to become, not who I am. I have full faith that the words gradually influence my thoughts and actions. Instead of feeling the tiredness when I read that section, I can attach another feeling of joy and vitality.

Haanel reinforces this in Part 13: “We have come to know that thinking is a spiritual process, that vision and imagination preceded action and event, that the day of the dreamer has come.” He describes the law by which the thing pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own.

I would like to clarify what I mean by law. I am not referring to a bill that Congress passes and the President signs. I am talking about discovered principle which works all the time. The former may more properly be labeled as a command, similar to God’s commands.  Similar in that they may be disobeyed. There may be an unpleasant result for disobedience, but it is possible to disobey them.

Law on the other hand, cannot be disobeyed. It works all the time like the laws of motion or the law of gravity. You may toss a ball into the air and say that it goes up, not down. Wait a bit and the force of gravity will inexorably slow its ascent and then bring it to earth. In an airplane we can use the law of lift to overcome gravity for a longer time, but eventually it must also land. The law works whether you understand it or not. The law works whether you are even conscious of it. “Thought will bring about conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude.”

The “I” of us is spirit. We live in a body. One teacher refers to our body as our “earth suit.” It is how we touch the material world. With our spirit we touch the unseen realm. My wife and I recently watched the original Star Wars episodes to prepare for seeing the new one.  There is a point where Luke Skywalker says “I can’t believe it!” when Yoda lifts Luke’s fighter out of the swamp with “the Force”. Yoda’s reply is “That is why you fail.”

So, if God (or the Universal, if you prefer) is Omnipresent and Omniscient and Omnipotent, then He is in us and everyone else. We don’t need to tell him how to do what we want. The only condition is that what we want is good for us and doesn’t take good from anyone else. Then nothing shall be impossible for us and we can have exceeding abundantly more than we can ask or think. You and the father are one.  I and the Father are one. We are one.

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