MKMMA 2016 Week 22 – Health

The Premise  

Health, wealth, and love are important to almost anyone. Wealth may be relative, but no one wants to live in poverty. That in itself is relative, as someone who has travelled the world will readily confirm. Since the Universal, Infinite Source of all good is both Omnipotent and Omnipresent, it follows that we are all connected. We are connected to the Infinite and to each other. That being the case, we should all be living in health, sufficient supply (if wealth makes you uncomfortable), and love.

My Original Plans

I had thought I could get my blog post early (on or before March 1), so that I could use Thursday, Friday and Saturday (March 2-4) for an extended time in the Silence. I had my Twitter feed and some Facebook posts queued, so my absence from the internet would be virtually unnoticed. I could afford to be "unplugged" for three days.

I can be what I will to be

What Happened?

I originally was going to include the narrative of the heart attack in this post, but that would have made it way too long. If you want to know the details, go here.

It was interesting to me that we were finishing Scroll V (I live this day as my last) and starting Part 22, where Haanel talks about healing.

As for Scroll V, I must disagree with Og in one point. On my last day, I will not be chasing a dollar. I will be showing affection to those I love. I will caress my wife and children (both two- and four-legged). I will reach out to friends and let them know how much I appreciate them. I will pray for those who need it.​

As for Part 22, ​Haanel makes a few interesting observations:

​The life processes are carried on by two distinct methods; first, the taking up and making use of nutritive material necessary for constructing cells; second, breaking down and excreting the waste material.All life is based upon these constructive and destructive activities, and as food, water and air are the only requisites necessary for the construction of cells, it would seem that the problem of prolonging life indefinitely would not be a very difficult one.

Health Question

So, if that is the case and you have been affirming that you are "whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy," why did you have a heart attack?

​Glad you asked. In December 2005, I had a feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest. We called 911 and the ambulance took me to Baptist North (Prattville). There was no question I was having a heart attack as my blood pressure went to zero and they had to stand me on my head (in the gurney, of course) for a while. I was unconscious for that part. Dr. John Williams, the visiting cardiologist, rushed me to Jackson where he performed an angioplasty to relieve the chest pain, but informed me that I needed bypass surgery, which was done by Dr, Stephen Kwan. 

I had a client while I was at MetLife who had a heart attack and told me that he was "good for ten years" at which time he would probably need more bypasses. That information was later confirmed by Dr. Joe McCord who explained that a condition called intimal hyperplasia was caused by oxidative stress to the veins that were now serving as arteries. In 2012, I began taking a supplement called Protandim, which Dr. McCord explained had be shown to inhibit that condition. I didn't realize how much that ten year clock had been in my subconscious until I was talking to my doctor on 17 Feb and remarked that I was "one year out of warranty" on my bypass surgery. You can certainly better appreciate what Haanel says:

In Part Twenty-two you will find that thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow, but unfortunately the fruit is frequently not to our liking.
The various forms of inflammation, paralysis, nervousness and diseased conditions generally, are the manifestation of fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred and similar thought.

Apparently I was actually worried and hence the manifestation. However, of great interest to me was that out of the five vessels bypassed by the original four grafts, only one was actually blocked this time. Whether due to the Protandim or the affirmation, or both, I don't know. I am simply grateful.

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