MKE 2019 Week One

Source of Action

The first concept covered in the Master Keys is that “everything starts on the inside.” Results depend on the actions you take. But the actions depend on what you believe. And what you believe depends on the emotions attached to your thoughts. And so it starts with your dominant thoughts.

This is my first year on staff with the Master Key Experience and it is a learning experience for me as well as the new members. This is the first year I don’t have direct contact with the members. Instead, I am responsible for five guides who have from eight to 11 members in their care. It’s challenging, humbling, and rewarding to work with the guides who work with the members.

The first week the members begin to work on their Definite Major Purpose (DMP)  and the guides revise the wording to draw out the true desires of the members. I do get to read each of the DMPs and offer suggestions to the guides. Each member DMP gets read by at least two people who want the member to succeed in reaching their goals. Here’s what a few people have to say about their experience.

Adriel van der Westhuizen

As I sit and write my first blog, something I never saw myself doing, reflecting back on the last few days, I’m already astounded of the changes I’m seeing in myself already and this is only the beginning! Tired of how my life has turned out, where it was going and unsure how it would end. I didn’t see ANY happy ending, or worse, I didn’t believe that there would be one. Then I came across MasterKey. Slowly the answers started coming for all the questions I had, WHY everything hasn’t been going the way intended.Read more…

Eneida Fletcher

Why is it so hard to follow through? You know how it is, we say we are going to make changes but don’t. Every year I make resolutions and, promises to myself I just can’t seem to keep. It is the one thing that I am most frustrated with myself about. It makes me feel like a complete failure.. Yeah, I keep a couple, but the most important ones, the ones that will make the most impact in my life, I fail at. Then I spend the rest of the year beating myself up because I did not accomplish what I set out to. Been there, done that. Over and over again.Read more..

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