MKE 2019 Week 20

From Mr. Haanel

16. An understanding and appreciation of the truth that the infinite energy isomnipresent and is due to this fact within the infinitely small in addition to the infinitely massive will allow us to soak up its essence; an additional understanding of the truth that this energy is spirit and due to this fact indivisible will allow us to understand its current in any respect factors on the similar time.17. An understanding of those details, first intellectually after which emotionally, willenable us to drink deeply from this ocean of infinite energy. An intellectualunderstanding can be of no help; the feelings should be introduced into motion; thought with out feeling is chilly. The required mixture is believed and feeling.18. Inspiration is from inside. The Silence is important, the senses should be stilled,the muscle mass relaxed, repose cultivated. When you may have thus come into possessionof a way of poise and energy you may be able to obtain the knowledge orinspiration or knowledge which can be obligatory for the event of yourpurpose.19. Don’t confuse these strategies with these of the clairvoyant; they’ve nothingin widespread. Inspiration is the artwork of receiving and makes for all that’s finest in life;your small business in life is to grasp and command these invisible forces as a substitute ofletting them command and rule you. Energy implies service; inspiration impliespower; to grasp and apply the tactic of inspiration is to change into asuperman.20. We are able to dwell extra abundantly each time we breathe, if we consciously breathewith that intention. The IF is an important situation on this case, as theintention governs the eye, and with out the eye you possibly can safe solely theresults which each and every one else secures. That’s, a provide equal to the demand. … 23. We’re instructed that “In Him we dwell and transfer and have our being,” and we aretold that “He” is a Spirit, and once more that “He” is Love, so that each time webreathe, we breathe this life, love, and spirit. That is Pranic Vitality, or Pranic Ether,we couldn’t exist a second with out it. It’s the Cosmic Vitality; it’s the Lifetime of theSolar Plexus.24. Each time we breathe we fill our lungs with air and on the similar time vitalizeour physique with this Pranic Ether which is Life itself, in order that we now have the opportunityof making a acutely aware reference to All Life, All Intelligence and All Substance.25. A data of your relation and oneness with this Precept that governs theUniverse and the straightforward technique whereby you possibly can consciously establish your self withit provides you a scientific understanding of a regulation whereby chances are you’ll free your self fromdisease, from lack or limitation of any variety; actually, it allows you to breathe the”breath of life” into your personal nostrils.

From the start of the course we now have recognized that the feelings are key. Ideas energized by feeling create perception and our actions stem from this perception. Mr. Haanel emphasizes the truths we should always know from the Bible. Jesus stated that He’s one with the Father. He additionally stated that we might know that He’s in us and we’re in Him. Logically, if we’re in Him and He’s within the Father, then we, too, are within the Father. However much more importantly, if the Father is in Him and He’s in us, then the Father is in us. We’ve union with the Creator. Can we consider that? Do our feelings give credence to this?

I confess that I found that half at first. I am higher now. How about you? Are you able to rejoice that you’re in Him?

I pray you could. take it to the silence.

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