PPNs – Liberty and Legacy Original DMP 2015

It pleases me to love unconditionally. I enjoy seeing people as God sees them. I joyfully Love_heartrecognize the divinity in all people. I am happy that I renounced my right to be offended on 9-15-15. I gladly extend mercy to all. I am free to be who I intend to be and I happily give others that same freedom. I am grateful that the radiance of my love warms those around me. It gratifies me that my touch brings healing. It cheers me to bring kindness and joy to people. Because of my willingness to serve others, I draw people to me.
I love my body, achieving a muscular 185 pounds before 11-17-15. exerciseI’m glad that I have freedom of motion and vitality. I’m pleased that I am strong and powerful and content that I look and feel 20 years younger than I am. I enjoy exercising 15 minutes daily, moving my limbs and my body. I‘m glad that I take Protandim, eliminate unnecessary sweets and make healthy eating choices daily.
WorldI love my beautiful wife and enjoy traveling the world with her. I thrill to take Pat to Ireland before 6-30-18. I adore going to Greece with Pat before 5-31-19. I relish travelling with Pat around the United States to cities like Phoenix, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas before 1-15-20. I delight in encouraging crowds of over 10,000 LifeVantage distributors with our business successes. I feel an amazing surge of love every time I take the stage and I pour that love onto the crowds.
I’m excited to encourage and inspire people by my word pictures of a better future. I gladly moneylead my team by example, showing them hands on what to say and what to do. I enjoy that my monthly income steadily increases, reaching $5,000 before 3-15-16, and over $100,000 before 7-15-19. I rejoice to put $100,000 into the Grace Life Church building fund before 12-15-17. It satisfies me that I also give $100,000 each to the Grace Worship Center and the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church before 12-15-18. It energizes me that my monthly tithe increases to $20,000 before 1-15-20. I always keep my promises.