Help! I’m Gaining Weight

Last time, we talked about a strategy for losing weight if you have simply been stuck at one weight for a while, but were not actually continuing to gain.

This time, let’s consider a strategy reaching an ideal weight if you are continuing to gain.

This is a bit more difficult as you cannot go from gaining to losing overnight.  Step one is to halt the gain and that involves some honest inspection.  Some people will find this too hard to do and not even begin.  I hope you are not one of them.

Perhaps you have heard the story of the dog in the corner.  A young boy walks into a grocery store and notices that there is a dog curled up in the corner.  The dog is whining and moaning, but not very loudly.  The boy turns to the shopkeeper and asks “Mister, what’s wrong with your dog?”

The shopkeeper replies “Nothing.  It’s just that there is a nail poking up from the floor where he is napping.  The nail pokes him every once in a while and he moans.”

The boy asks “Why doesn’t he move away from the nail?”

The shopkeeper says “Rover has laid in that corner since he was a pup.  I guess it just don’t hurt enough for him to give it up.”

If your weight gain “hurts enough”, let’s take some action.

  1. Don’t change your eating habits yet.
  2. Use a little notebook to record EVERYTHING* you put in your mouth and when for one week.
  3. Review the eating diary and determine WHY you ate each thing you recorded.  If you don’t know why you ate something, that would be a candidate for change.
  4. Note the times that you ate “unconsciously” and see if you can notice a pattern.
  5. Begin to train your subconscious by affirming “I eat on purpose.  I never put something in my mouth without knowing why.”  Do this several times a day for the next week and continue keeping your diary.
  6. Compare the two weeks.  Were you able to determine a shift?  If so, great. Continue until your reality catches up to your affirmation.  By then you should be maintaining your weight.
  7. Go back to the previous post and implement the small changes that will result in your new body weight.

*OK, maybe that is too big a change.  Try doing it for one day.  If that works, try another day, etc.

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