FREE Summit for Limited Time

What Is it?

My friend, Mark J., gathered 20 industry leaders who agreed to share their insights on building their business. These sessions are free for 48 hours from the time they go up. In case you miss one or more, you can purchase a lifetime access for a small one-time price. There are no other charges. Click the ticket to register.

Who are these people?

Mark says they are all mentors for him. 

Everybody knows, the two things that drive a large, self-perpetuating MLM organization are recruiting new people and then getting them to effectively duplicate. These 20+ multi-million dollar earners each picked one subject and drilled down in deep detail, so that you know exactly how to succeed at both those critical behaviors.

What you’ll learn:

How to win every appointment

  • You’ll never see appointments the same way again.
  • You’ll win every appointment.
  • The detail of “how to” win appointments.
  • Simple, easy to learn & teach

Rejection Free Recruiting

  • Tiny questions that get an instant “yes”.
  • How to get prospects to ask you for a presentation.

Duplicating with Leverage

  • How to leverage your efforts for rapid growth.
  • Exactly how to get new reps in profit within hours.
  • Yes, hours.

And much more.

If you want to attend, just click the button to get your FREE ticket.

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