Color Code Communication

Color Code Basics

Mastering the color codes in your life could mean better communication with those around you, less friction and more harmony.  Would that be a good thing for you? If so, read on.

Color Personality Distribution

Distribution of Color Types

The color code is just a shortcut for remembering certain basic driving core motives.  There are only four basic colors, but an infinite array of combinations.  In the general population, the four primary colors are distributed as shown in the chart. For more information and to determine your primary color, visit the site by clicking on the image. The assessment is free to you when using this link.


Colors in Real Life

My color makeup is 41% Red, 32% blue, 17% Yellow and 10% white. Since both Red and Blue personalities are control types, I like to be in charge.  Served me well in the military and in the corporate world, but can be a problem on the home front. My two driving core motives are power and intimacy, so I am sometimes in conflict with myself.  I can be a very frustrating individual: arrogant and demanding.  But, knowing that gives me the opportunity to become better.

As an example, one day my wife and I were headed to the local Air Force base and I said we Right and Wrongwere going through a particular gate.  My wife corrected me about the name of the gate and said it was what I had previously told her. I claimed that I had worked on that base for x years and it had always been the name I used. She continued to explain why her name was correct.  I rode in silence until we got to the gate, knowing that when she saw the correct name she would then have to be quiet. There was no point in arguing because the facts would soon be plain. And they were. She was right and I had been completely wrong (even though adamant about what I “knew”).

I am able to identify the color types of my children (now all adults) pretty well but totally missed my wife’s.  I pegged her as a Red like me because of the control issues ( Both Blues and Reds are controlling, remember). Imagine my surprise when she took the color code assessment and we learned she was 52% Blue.   I totally missed other very obvious cues.  Hindsight being 20/20, I immediately realized how I had misinterpreted numerous events when it should have been obvious.  Whenever she gets an idea, she is like a bulldog until she gets her way  and she gets hurt if I don’t comply the way she wants. She will tell me something in exhausting detail.  She wants me to be with her, even if we are just reading or watching something.  All of those are Blue, and I should have known it.

So, what is the point of all that? Only that knowing something and applying it are not the same thing. I was blind to the facts because I had already determined “the truth” in my mind.  We filter events through our perceptions. We Reds need to be right and seen as an authority.  Often we are right and do have the best ideas, but it is healthy to step back and be the non-judgmental observer to get the whole picture. (Where have I heard that before?)

Since I will be a Guide for the next Master Key Experience, I am glad that my attitudes are adjusting.  So is my wife.

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