The Power of One

Imagine with me for just a moment.

You have found a business opportunity that’s interesting to you.

This is a franchise business with the start up cost of under $1000.

There is an ongoing overhead in the business of $200 per month.

You know that ultimately you must move a product or a service to the consumer to really have a business. Your product is unique (customers must get it from you), consumable (customers must continue to purchase it), reasonably priced and serves a growing need.  You figure that the product is so good you can easily cover the ongoing cost with your customer base

Because it is a franchise business, there is a proven method and a manual to operate the business.

The person who showed you the business (let’s call that your sponsor) promises ongoing support with ideas and actual help in approaching customers and opening new franchises.  He or she introduces you to others on your support team.

You get started.  Your sponsor points out that you can save a lot in taxes by simply keeping some good records. Your sponsor pledges to help you teach other people how to do the same thing.

Soon you and your sponsor have added a new business partner to your team. You and your sponsor help your new business partner find another business partner. Then you help that new business partner find another business partner. So your organization is now developing depth
it looks like this

If each of your business partners can work 10 to 15 hours in a week your organization is working 40 to 60 hours. And that is good. But what if everyone found one more. Then it would look like this
Now your organization has 30 people instead of four but the real difference is one. Each person sponsored just one more.  Using the same 10 to 15 hours per week your organization is now working 300 to 450 hours each week.

What if each person sponsored just one more?
Now your organization has 120 people but the real difference is still just one. Each person sponsored just one more.Consider the time leverage at this point: your organization can work 1200 to 1800 hrs. in one week by each person only working 10 to 15 hours. This is time multiplication.

The best part of this is that you did not need to know those hundred and 20 people. You only needed to know three who wanted to build a business.

In the course of finding these business partners you will have exposed your business to several other people who have no interest in doing the business but because the product actually does improve people’s lives they want to be customers.Because the product improves people’s lives you and each of your business partners will also want to consume. If each of the franchise owners has only five customers that would be a total of 720 consumers. Let’s assume that the average customer order is around $100 (less than two weeks at Starbucks).
That would be $72,000 worth of product being consumed monthly and you only started with one sponsor and a dream. Let’s assume you only earn about 5% on each product sold. That would be a continuing income of $3,600 per month.

 But what if everyone sponsored just ONE more?

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