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The Magic Penny

Imagine with me if you were asked to consider this proposition: You have the opportunity to pay $100,000 to receive $1,000,000 at the end of the month or you could pay $10,000 to receive a magic penny today. Let’s imagine that you, and we’ll say your name is Tom, and another fellow, and let’s say […]

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ABC Primetime Investigation

This report aired in 2005 and is still the only positive report not funded by a company of any nutrient.  All nutritional companies have a video about their product.  Most of them are produced by the company with actors.  This was paid for by ABC News. Here is a doctor;s viewpoint. Most companies have clinical […]

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Read a Good Book Lately?

There is, of course, a very good Book that we read daily.  Some people have never read any other  book and do quite well.  That is a topic for another day. What I meant today, is have you read a novel, or a self-help book that really resonated with you? I have read some novels […]

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Pyramid Schemes are Illegal

If your company is publicly traded (NASDAQ or higher), it is NOT a pyramid. If your company provides a genuine product or service that people like and use, it is NOT a pyramid. By the way, the shape of the organizational chart does not determine what is or is not a “Pyramid Scheme”. Consider the […]

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The Power of One

Imagine with me for just a moment. You have found a business opportunity that’s interesting to you. This is a franchise business with the start up cost of under $1000. There is an ongoing overhead in the business of $200 per month. You know that ultimately you must move a product or a service to the consumer […]

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Network Marketing Fundamentals

The business of any business is making people’s lives better. To the degree that you can achieve that, is the degree of better that your own life becomes. So, here are some fundamentals as I understand them. If you own any other business and train someone to do what you are doing, you just created […]

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What about Leverage?

We spoke earlier about being paid on the efforts of employees. That is one form of leverage, but it has some drawbacks. Aside from the difficulty in finding employees willing to work for what you are willing to pay them, there is administrative overhead. Many employees will not work as hard as you would because […]

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