MKE 2019 Week 5

This week begins the challenge of having (not just expressing – having) no opinions.  It is a warm up for things to come and the members are embracing it. See here: Empress Judith Smith This week in The Master Key Experience, Master Mind Alliance, the stakes increase. The task, for the entire week: have no […]

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MKE 2019 Week 4

Symbols collection

Week 4 of the Master Key Experience presents members with new challenges. They have begun to really define a Definite Major Purpose (DMP) based upon two Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs) and including SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed). They have completed three weeks of “chores” that are now “services” and have begun to […]

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Putting Posts on Homepage

What use is there to have a blog if no one can see your posts? My blog uses a static home page as its front page and I have a menu to allow navigation. Without a menu on the static home page, your posts are published and unreachable by visitors. This short (< 2 minutes) […]

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