2019 MKE Week 6

The exercise this week is to study a photograph for ten minutes and then close your eyes and remember the details. This is training the imagination. Some people get this immediately. Others have challenges.

Michael Rantisi

Week 6 was a bit of a up and down for me. I had some challanges with my consistency in a few of the daily routines and rituals , but this was probably just my old blue print trying to make a comeback. I won’t let it though ? The goal is to get back on track and get laser focused on my definite major purpose.
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Gavin Johnson

Really enjoyed this week as things are just starting to fall in to place perfectly, so much has changed in these 6 weeks already it’s going to be very interesting and exciting time for whats ahead. As I am writing this I am getting goosebumps and a gut feeling of love and knowing that I am great ?

My furry baby got sick this week and we had to take him to a Veterinary Teaching Hospital. He apparently got gastritis from some medications for pain. Turns out he is sensitive to NSAIDs. He is better now and we will be bringing him home soon. 

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