2019 MKE Week 22a

This week we were treated to a study of Wallace D. Wattle's The Science of Being Great plus a video of his The Science of Getting Rich.. Those and a third, ​​​​The Science of Being Well, form the Trilogy The Science of Success available at Amazon here.

I particularly like the "Consecration" part of the study.

"I surrender my body to be ruled by my mind. I surrender my mind to be governed by my soul.I surrender my soul to the guidance of God."

God's guidance is always for my highest good.

Don't Be a Sap - Do a SAP

Wattles suggests that we might not be capable of doing great things in a great way, but we are capable of doing smaller things in a great way. If we bring all of our energies to the smallest task and do it greatly, we are on the way. He calls the concept the Smallest Achievable Perfection or SAP.

I encourage you to do as I am about to. Work on the tiny things in your life and make your actions great by being consecrated to it.

Let me know how you are doing.

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