2019 MKE – Week 16 Charlie

Fearless Charles Barton: December 24, 2007 – January 15, 2020

Our beloved four-legged son, Charlie, died early Wednesday morning. We believe his gallant heart just gave up after a long battle with an autoimmune disease that had his white blood cells attacking his red blood cells. He was still warm when we discovered him at around 6:30 AM. He had jumped off the bed and moved away so as not to bother us. That’s just how he was. He was the kindest, most considerate person we ever knew. Why, then, did he die when we were praying for him and seeing signs that he was getting stronger? (He had climbed the stairs Tuesday evening to be with us. Just two weeks ago we had to carry him.) What about the power to create our reality that we discussed last week? I don’t know. But I did some serious thinking about it. Charlie was always teaching us lessons and I think he reinforced some lessons by his death.

Charlie looking up.Charlie looking up.

My boy

You must believe what you say

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Charlie never lied to us. When he indicated he needed to go outside to take care of business, he always did his business and came back in. He was vocal about wanting to be with us (or more accurately to have us be with him) and he always was loving and caring. He was the big brother to two other people of the canine persuasion and one of the feline bent. He would groom his canine sisters and touch noses with his feline sister. He was the gentleman of the house when I was working. We loved him.

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We loved him so much we allowed fear to creep in whenever he would breathe rapidly or his heart would beat rapidly. We looked for evidence that he would be alright but if he didn’t eat as much as we thought he should, we worried. Perhaps we were inexperienced operators of the mechanism. That doesn’t mean it was our fault that he died, but maybe we could have been more supportive with our faith. It might mean it was our fault, but only because we were less than perfect operators of the cosmic laws. Charlie would not want us to beat ourselves up. We did not cause his death, but we were unable to prevent it.

So, what do we really believe? We believe, as Mr. Haanel said last week:

… these laws operate to our advantage; that all conditions and experiences that come to us are for our benefit; that we gain strength in proportion to the effort expended, and that our happiness is best attained through a conscious cooperation with natural laws.1. The laws under which we live are designed solely for our advantage. These laws are immutable and we cannot escape from their operation.2. All the great eternal forces act in solemn silence, but it is in our power to place ourselves in harmony with them and thus express a life of comparative peace and happiness. …7. All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit. Difficulties and obstacles willcontinue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth.

We are on this journey together and we are comforted by the love we shared with Charlie.

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