2019 MKE – Commencement


  1. an act or occasion of commencing; starting:the graduation of hostilities.
  2. the ceremony of conferring levels or granting diplomas on the finish of the tutorial 12 months.
  3. the day on which this ceremony takes place.

For just a few hundred members within the Grasp Key Grasp Thoughts Alliance (MKMMA), Sunday was Graduation Day.

Picture by McElspeth from Pixabay

Some will go on to be Lifetime Members.


Lifetime Members will

  • discover the so-called “Misplaced Chapters” of Haanel’s ebook.
  • dive deep into the Kybalion
  • Be taught in regards to the Science of Being Nice
  • Keep linked with one another

Keep tuned for the experiences of the group.

A few of these Lifetime Members will go on to turn into Guides for the subsequent class.

  1. The primary 12 months is as an Intern Information.
  2. The following 12 months some will turn into a Licensed Information.
  3. The third 12 months, some will turn into Grasp Guides.
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