2018 MKE Week 17 HJ Heros on a Journey

The Call

Every Journey starts with the first step. Before our hero can take that first step, he or she must decide to do that. Before the hero can decide, there must have been an invitation. The invitation is the call to the journey/ The person or thing extending the invitation is called the herald. Often the hero is the herald. Along the way, the hero encounters mentors and helpers.  Sometimes it seems almost supernatural as Barry discovered last week.

A Happy Knack

I am starting to notice that some of the skills that we have been learning and applying are coming out Naturally. I don’t think about doing these these things, they are becoming a normal part of my daily life. It blows me away that it happens right out of the “Blue” and with no extra effort on my part. Now it is starting to happen more often and I am not even aware at the time that it is happening and that I am being perceived in a different light by people.

Sometimes our hero gets distracted. At times like that, focus is paramount, as Jen writes:.


Beginning with the end in mind I knew that unconditional love was the key. Having a long-term vision to foster independence and empathy in my kids helped me see past whatever the current struggle was. Keeping things in perspective allowed me to ‘pick my battles’ as they say… By no means have I been awarded a medal as the Worlds’ Best Mom [though I am pretty sure it’s in the mail], however, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way that helped keep me focused.
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The hero often must slay some fierce opposition along the way. These struggles lead to the Abyss and death to the old life. 

You have to think you are the best in order to achieve your true potential and not give up. Sometimes it is very easy to do so and it is on ourselves to be accountable and not let obstacles get in the way.
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